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  • Unrivalled Luxury- Australian Cashmere is a well nourished, softer handling cashmere with a slight hint of desirable lustre.

  • Passionate and dedicated Cashmere Growers are responsible for selectively breeding Cashmeres over many years; improving their fleeces and cashmere quality. They know, making certain that their animals are happy and healthy, ensures that they grow this beautiful fibre.


Trusted Product

  • Australian Cashmeres are raised in a manner consistent with the five freedoms of good animal welfare.

  • The natural environment is respected during goat grazing, fibre shipping and early stage manufacture.

  • Cashmere is prepared and processed in a clean and professional manner

  • Humans are respected and treated fairly all throughout the supply chain.

  • From the farm, and in some cases from the individual animal, Australian Cashmere is traceable along the supply chain. 

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